About homeland

Since the foundation in 2015, Homeland tends to find a real investible environment in the real estate market by approaching an integrated working system that is based on attracting experts in the world of business and finance.

In Homeland, there’s a multinational team which works and is divided into the Company’s basic departments in order to provide a high quality service in planning, implementation and performance in different languages like (Turkish, Arabic, English,Persian, Russian).

Homeland’s services represent the real estate investing cycle, therefore, we established investing studies office which in turn is considered the mini academy for the call center.Hence, we seize the investing opportunities and then we’re back to present them to our customers after we’ve passed the legal and governmental procedures in order to achieve quick results.

Homeland one of the companies that are emanated from the Turkish SMART VİSİON İNŞAAT DIŞ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ , it defines itself as a pioneer and long-experienced company in real estate market, specializing in broking, real estate investing consulting via multi national team.

We are mainly interested in Homeland in foreign investors who wish to discover investment opportunities in Turkey. We also look forward to creating a safe investment environment, and to providing the best integrated real estate services according to the modern principles followed in our internal systems.

Our Vision

We tend in Homeland to find a safe investment environment in Turkiye by fostering trust in our customers , and providing the best real estate services according to modern basics in internal systems.

Our mission

We tend in Homeland to satisfy our customers who are interested in real estate in Turkiye by providing tangible investing opportunities , and to be the best in this field through fulfilling promises principle


  1. Truth
  2. Honesty
  3. Innovation
  4. Excellence
  5. Finding opportunities

Why Homeland?

  • Homeland has a long-term period working in the Turkish real estate market ,as well as, in dozens of investment projects in various places in istanbul.
  • Most of the projects that Homeland owns are old and experienced real estate construction companies’ doings.
  • Homeland pays special attention to government guarantee projects, which are characterized by credibility, safety, and guaranteed investment returns
  • We present special offers for those who wish to invest in real estate in Turkiye through an integrated team of real estate consultants and specialists
  • Homeland has a large and diverse network of relationships, which help speed up the procedures and ensure that the customer obtains the desired investment goals


  • Real estate advisory department: It includes names with great experience in the Turkish real estate investment market
  • Sales Department: One of our most distinguished departments, it has friendly relations with most Turkish construction companies, which helps in obtaining the highest quality at the most appropriate price
  • After-sales: A department found specifically for the convenience of our customers, characterized by speed and perfection in the completion of work
  • Marketing and Media Department: Providing distinctive visual content that pays attention to the smallest details in terms of information and quality of presentation in a flexible and easy way, relying on modern marketing methods
  • Legal Department: Facilitate and expedite legal procedures through a team of specialized lawyers with long experience


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