Oct 26, 2023

What Do You Know About Başakşehir And Its Services (2023)?

657 devloper What Do You Know About Başakşehir And Its Services (2023)?

Başakşehir Municipality

Başakşehir is considered one of the most attractive areas for local and foreign investors. In addition, Başakşehir has a developed infrastructure by virtue of being one of the modern municipalities of Istanbul. Also, thanks to its area, the region is characterized by its large streets and wide spaces between projects, unlike some areas of Istanbul, where narrow alleys and adjacent buildings are located.

Başakşehir Geographical Location

Başakşehir is located on the European side of Istanbul, with an area of 104.000km2. It is bordered to the east by Sultangazi and Esenler municipalities, and to the northeast by Eyüp municipality. As for the north, it is bordered by Arnavutköy, to the west by Esenyurt, and to the south by Küçükçekmece. As for its nature, the area is distinguished by its wide space, which includes many diverse landscapes, such as the Şamlar forests in the northern part, which is the ideal natural corner for the area's residents. The presence of these green spaces and natural features made Başakşehir a place to relax and breathe fresh air away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Başakşehir Services and Facilities

Public Transport Infrastructure

Başakşehir has a developed transportation network with subways that facilitate access to all parts of Istanbul; especially, access to the city center and tourist places, shopping centers, and industrial and commercial areas. The Turkish government has recently begun the construction of a subway that links two of the most important projects in Europe, the new Istanbul Airport and the Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital.

Başakşehir also has a geographical advantage due to its proximity to the E80 highway, the vein of Istanbul, which is located in the south of the region and connects all areas of the city. Of course, there are many public transport buses and minibuses, or what is called in the Turkish language "dolmuş", and these also provide access to all parts of the city.

Educational Facilities and Services

Başakşehir is distinguished by its many local and international, governmental and private educational facilities. This is due to the social diversity witnessed within it, as we see schools with Turkish management and others with Arab management. The most prominent international schools include Al-Safir International School, Al-Huda International School, Al-Quds International School, and Al-Aqsa International School. As for the universities, there are many of them distributed within the area or the surrounding areas, most notably Sabahattin Zaim University, İbn Haldun University, and Başakşehir Academy of Arabic and Islamic Sciences.

Health Services and Facilities

The largest medical city in Europe is located in Başakşehir and is accompanied by the best modern medical equipment and technologies. The city was inaugurated in 2020 by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The city is divided into several hospitals, including the Departments of General Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, Malignant Tumors, Neurology and Orthopedics, Children, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychiatry, and a physiotherapy and rehabilitation hospital.

Recreational Facilities

One of the most important recreational facilities in the area is the Mall of Istanbul, which is one of the most famous commercial shopping centers and the largest shopping and entertainment center in which hundreds of local and international brands are centered, located directly on the TEM highway. Also, Başakşehir includes one of the largest sports stadiums, which is the Sports Olympiad (Atatürk Olympic Stadium), with many cultural centers, cinemas, and parks, the most beautiful of which is the People’s Park in Kayaşehir, the largest botanical garden in Europe.

The Cultural Background and Social Environment of Başakşehir

The residents of Başakşehir are considered to be from the educated and elite class of the population. This greatly contributed to making the area preserve its sophistication and civilization, as it is the most suitable choice for families with the percentage of married couples in this area exceeding 65%. Therefore, settling or investing in real estate in the Başakşehir area is a preferred choice for many, as it is one of the most important and prestigious areas.

Başakşehir is a central meeting point for Turkish future vision projects, the most important of which are the new Istanbul Canal and Istanbul's third airport; That is why the region has received the attention of the Turkish government, and many huge and luxurious housing projects are now being built in it, which guarantee positive investment returns.

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