Oct 26, 2023

Types of Real Estate Investment in Türkiye

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Types of Property Investment in Türkiye

Many types of property investment are found in Türkiye, which allow investors to improve their investments in the Turkish real estate market and achieve more profits. These investments take place at a time when the country is witnessing economic growth in various fields; therefore, many are encouraged to invest in it, especially with Türkiye being one of the most touristic countries in the world.

Also, these types of property investment are relied upon when having the desire to invest in Türkiye and achieve outstanding financial returns. Below, we review these types:

  1. Investing in residential real estate: This type of investment is known as the best type of real estate investment in Türkiye recently; as it has witnessed great demand over the past years. This type is also quite diverse with options to invest by purchasing apartments, villas, or residential lands.
  2. Investing in commercial real estate: This type is represented by investing in commercial buildings, and perhaps the most important of them are those designated for tourism purposes, which are considered fully proportional to Türkiye's tourism nature and its strategic location.
  3. Investing in agricultural real estate: This type of investment is considered a successful venture in Türkiye. This is because the country offers permanent and continuous support for agricultural investment and seeks to develop it by various means. The state is also working to provide many facilities to its investors to continuously help the country's economy grow.


How do I Achieve a Successful Property Investment in Türkiye?

Many factors can be relied upon in order to achieve a successful and distinguished property investment in Türkiye. These factors are often adhered to by investors seeking to buy a new property in the country. Here are some of these factors:

  • Collecting information: Investors must collect complete and comprehensive data about the property they want to buy and invest in.
  • The appropriate location: It is necessary to choose a suitable location for the property; provided that this location is witnessing unique investment activity and is expected to have future growth, such as the locations in the European side of Istanbul.
  • Consulting specialists: Before buying a property, one must resort to experts and specialists who work in the real estate market.
  • Avoidance of risk: This is achieved by choosing a property that does not have fundamental problems affecting its price and investment returns by investing in it.
  • Compatibility: There must be compatibility between the property's location and the purpose for which it is being purchased in order to achieve distinctive and exceptional investment returns. This is regardless of the desired type of property investment in Türkiye.

The Future of Property Investment in Türkiye

When talking about the future of property investments in the country, it is necessary to talk about the Turkish lira, which is fluctuating against the dollar. This directly contributes to raising the purchasing value of investors. And, with the discussions that predict the improvement of the Turkish lira and its rise in value in the coming years, it is expected that the real estate future will also have great value. Therefore, the current time is the ideal time to start various investment projects in Türkiye.

Having various types of property investment in Türkiye makes this field have great prospects compared to other fields that can be invested in. Moreover, the Turkish real estate market is known for its constant price change, which makes investing in it an ideal decision over time; as it is possible to collect a distinct material difference when selling the property after some time after its purchase. This is in light of the continuous support from the Turkish government for the real estate field in particular.


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