Oct 26, 2023

Government-Guaranteed Real Estate Projects in Türkiye

686 devloper Government-Guaranteed Real Estate Projects in Türkiye

In the Turkish real estate market, governmental guarantee for projects means that the constructed residential projects are based on a partnership between the public (construction companies belonging to the Presidency of Cabinet of Türkiye) and the private sectors (private companies), where the land is owned by the state and private construction companies build projects on this land. This type of project is generally known as a joint project between sectors; as for the Turkish real estate market, it is known as a government-guaranteed project.

Known Government Real Estate Construction Companies

  1. Emlak Konut: This company was established in 1953 and turned into a real estate investment trust fund in 2002. With that, the company has become the largest Turkish real estate investment fund today.
  2. Toki: As for Toki, it is a public institution affiliated with the Turkish Prime Minister's office that was established specifically for the production of social housing.

These two companies are among the most important Turkish construction companies that have close relations with the government. Therefore, any investor looking to buy a property must buy through one of these two companies, because the housing apartments' delivery with a governmental guarantee takes place on time and with the agreed specifications.

Government-Guaranteed Benefits

There are many advantages of governmental guarantee, which include:

  • Ensuring project delivery on time.
  • Ensuring that the project will not stop, or the real estate developer will go bankrupt.
  • Long-term installments in most projects.
  • Unified prices for foreigners and Turkish citizens.
  • Installment payments and the property's price are all done through one account approved by the Turkish government.
  • Effective websites supported by the Turkish government.

Types of Government-Guaranteed Projects in Türkiye

  1. Full governmental guarantee: In this type, the construction companies are responsible for constructing the project from scratch, where the land suitable for construction is purchased. Then, construction and finishing operations begin, and after that, delivery.
  2. Partial governmental guarantee: Here, government companies buy land suitable for construction and then hand it over to distinguished private companies in the real estate field to start construction. The government continues to supervise the process step by step to ensure the quality of construction and compliance with agreed standards.

Through Homeland Company, we advise our dear customers on the partial government guarantee that combines the advantages of both the public and private sectors. The private sector company works to leave its mark and add a touch of luxury with the finishing quality and the details' beauty.

If you are looking for luxury and sophistication, then, common classic designs do not suit you, which means government-guaranteed projects are not suitable. As for the partial governmental guarantee, it combined the high quality of construction and finishing, from the reliability and durability of the construction to the beauty and modernity of the exterior and interior designs. Also, this type of guarantee is very affordable; therefore, being very careful about the legal procedures' integrity would ease receiving the property.

The Homeland team highlights some reasons that may cause controversy among those wishing to buy a property. When selecting a government-guaranteed project through one of the previously mentioned companies (Emlak Konut and Toki), the buyer may face fraud or delays in delivery. Therefore, the absence of construction companies affiliated with the Cabinet of Türkiye in any Turkish real estate projects does not mean that there is no governmental guarantee for the buyer or that the company that promoted the project to be built is not qualified. This highlights the importance and advantages of the title deed, as it is the strongest form of guarantee with its documentation and attestation by the notary.

Therefore, as the Homeland Real Estate Company team, we are ready to provide free real estate consultations to fulfill your desire to own a distinguished property. Do not hesitate to contact us at +905377793006.