Oct 26, 2023

Title Deed (Tapu) in Türkiye

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The Title Deed in Türkiye

The title deed (Tapu) is considered one of the most important supporting documents in the real estate field and it is considered one of the most important factors that determine the market value of the property. This document plays a key role in shaping the investment future of the property to be invested in.

Types of Title Deeds in Türkiye

In Türkiye, five basic types of real estate title deeds are found, and they are distributed between agricultural or commercial lands, apartments, and other estates under construction. In the following list, we will get to know them all and show the most important differences between them:

  1. Agricultural Title Deed: Granted to each land that is not intended for housing or has not obtained a building permit.
  2. Residential Title Deed: Granted for an integrated building that is considered one residential block and granted for old buildings, stand-alone villas, factories, and warehouses.
  3. Estate Easement Deed: Granted to the owner before the end of construction during the planning stage of a residential or commercial building, drawing plans and dividing the building into several parts and floors.
  4. Floor Easement: Granted after the completion of the project and obtaining the housing license, which makes it a real estate prepared for use according to the standard criteria issued by the municipality. This tapu means that the owner of the deed is the owner of a specific part that is determined by the location and the floor height in an integrated manner without being part of the floor ownership, and this tapu is also the strongest type among title documents.
  5. Transitional Title Deeds (Participation Deed): Granted to people investing in tourist real estate that gives its owners the right to use the property for specific periods of the year in partnership with several other owners.
  6. The Real Estate Easement Deed: According to which, the property is divided among several owners according to agreed shares, and the percentage is recorded next to the name of each owner, and each owner is entitled to obtain his/her own title deed.

Red Title Deed in Türkiye

The title deed in Türkiye is concerned with residential units such as an apartment, villa, house, office, or any lands that are included in the city's organizational plan. This red deed includes three main sections, namely:

1st section: Information about the property’s location and address, which is represented in the state, city, neighborhood or village, street, scale, type, and area.

2nd section: Allocated to the residential unit or apartment and represented in the land share allocated to the apartment in addition to the floor, the block number, and other information.

3rd section: Contains the area that pertains to the archives in the Tabu administration, including seals and signatures, in addition to information related to archiving in the administration, such as the file number, record number, and others.

The Significance of Title Deed

Title deeds are essential official papers for investors in Türkiye, as it is the only proof by which the Turkish government recognizes the identity of the property owner. It is obtained after several routine procedures that are carried out within the Land Registry Directorate (TAKBIS).

Real Estate Investment in Türkiye

Many advantages can be stated when choosing to invest in this country, and both local and foreign investors can benefit from them. These features are a permanent encouragement to investors from different countries around the world, namely:

  • Education without fees in schools and universities.
  • Low taxes collected compared to other countries.
  • Investors have health insurance for themselves and their families.
  • Türkiye's suitable investment climate; especially, with the laws set by the government to support the investment movement and ensure that investors continuously obtain their rights.
  • Possession of Turkish citizenship.
  • Obtaining a Turkish passport, which grants the ability to travel to more than 120 countries without a travel visa.

Areas of Investment in Türkiye

  • There are many areas that can be invested in in Türkiye; especially, with the country enjoying ideal ingredients that support investment, such as the incentives offered to investors with low taxes. These areas are classified as follows:
  • Real estate investment: This investment is one of the most important investment fields in the country because the construction sector is an important pillar in the Turkish economy. In light of the continuous increase in the number of residents and tourists, urban projects have become a distinct choice for investors.
  • Industrial investment: This investment is a distinctive one; particularly, with the increase in the state's production rate of vehicles in the past years and being among the largest competitive stations in the manufacturing industries in the region. Therefore, investment in this sector is important and generates ideal returns.
  • Agricultural investment: Türkiye witnesses a great diversity in the types of fruits and vegetables in it; it is considered a unique vegetable basket in the region. With the increase in its production of hazelnuts and dried figs, agricultural investment has become a wonderful option; particularly, with the financial returns and the appropriate environment.

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