Oct 26, 2023

Follow These Tips before Buying a Property in Istanbul

441 devloper Follow These Tips before Buying a Property in Istanbul

Buying a Property in Istanbul

Türkiye is one of the best places for investment in the world; especially, in light of its possession of a distinctive environment that helps develop and increase investments permanently. This takes place at a time when real estate investment is considered a fundamental form of investment. In this form, profits are guaranteed and collected through different patterns. Here in this article, we will learn about the most important tips before buying a property in the city.

Before Buying a Property in Istanbul

Advice helps to complete the real estate purchase process safely and soundly and contributes to preserving the rights of investors and protecting their investments. Among the most important tips necessary before the purchase process are:

  1. Ensuring that the real estate appraisal report is available: It has become necessary to have a real estate appraisal report after the decision of the Land Registry and Cadastre Information System. This real estate appraisal has become important for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship and for all those who carry out purchase and sale transactions in real estate in Türkiye. In this report, the property specifications, data, and information are fully clarified.
  2. Completing the acquisition procedures: The procedures are carried out through the Land Registry Department because the unofficial contracts issued by the notary are not considered sufficient and the property's ownership cannot be proven through them. Therefore, the transaction must be registered with the Land Registry Department inside the country. This is one of the most important tips that can be given when talking about buying a property in Türkiye.
  3. Asking about the actual seller of the property: This is done by verifying the property's ownership through a copy of the title deed, reviewing the Land Registry Department to ensure its authenticity, and ensuring that the information registered in it is the same as in the Land Registry Department.
  4. Ensuring that the data of the registered property matches the actual property: It is necessary to ensure that the sold property is the same one that actually exists, has been seen, and the actual address is accurately reached based on the map shown for the property in the Land Registry Department. The property's location must also be obtained.
  5. Checking that no reservation signs or restrictions on the property are found: These indications and restrictions are represented in mortgages or seizures that prevent the sale/purchase process later. These aspects have permanent negative effects on the property in terms of affecting its value and price. This is according to the type of violation or indication.
  6. Examining the type of title deeds: One can see a great similarity between the used types of real estate title deeds; therefore, the type of title deed must be ascertained to avoid obstacles when converting ownership into full ownership.
  7. Verify the type of real estate allocation: With the presence of residential and commercial real estate, it must be confirmed before purchasing the allocation type suitable for the project to be established, or the purpose for which the purchase is being made. This is done by reviewing the municipality or the Land Registry Department.
  8. Consult a trustworthy real estate expert: It is necessary to seek the help of one of the real estate experts to hear their advice at every step of the purchase because such advice is useful in avoiding any possible dangers and difficulties. These experts help to check all papers and procedures in addition to the legal documents of the purchase process.

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