Oct 26, 2023

Real Estate Prices in Istanbul

461 devloper Real Estate Prices in Istanbul

Real Estate Prices in Istanbul

Many are interested in knowing real estate prices in Istanbul; especially, in light of the increasing growth of the real estate field. This has caused an increase in the demand for real estate investment by many who visit Türkiye in general and Istanbul in particular. This increase occurs at a time when there is a great diversity of real estate in Istanbul, which has always contributed to the availability of unique investment opportunities. Here, we will extensively talk about real estate prices in Istanbul.

Real estate prices in Istanbul vary based on many criteria that directly affect the price and value of the property. Therefore, knowing these criteria always helps investors when they have a desire to buy a property within the city. These criteria include:

  1. The property's location: The property's proximity or its distance from the areas where services are provided in Istanbul contributes greatly to its price. If the property is close to the city center, districts of service provision, and central areas; then, its price increases compared to others that are located away from the city center.
  2. The property's space/size: This aspect has a major role in determining the property's price. The larger the property's space/size, the higher its price, and vice versa. In addition, a property with a large space/size provides more services and experiences great demand from investors.
  3. The property's age: If the property is newly constructed, its price would be higher than a property built many years ago. Therefore, when talking about property investment, many prefer to invest in newly-built real estate. On the other hand, some invest in old properties by buying them; then, restoring and renewing them and selling them.

Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Istanbul

Many reasons encourage investors to know real estate prices in Istanbul to finally buy and invest in them. For this, we will learn about the reasons that encourage investors to buy real estate in Istanbul:

  1. The lenient laws: The laws pertaining to property ownership in Istanbul urge investors to invest; perhaps the most important of these laws is the Turkish Citizenship Law, which allows obtaining citizenship by purchasing a property of $400.000 or more.
  2. Geographical location: the city of Istanbul is considered the historical link to two continents, Asia and Europe, which helped attract Arab and foreign investors.
  3. Stability: Istanbul is enjoying remarkable stability on the political and social levels, which has continuously attracted investors.
  4. The real estate market: The Turkish real estate market is witnessing great growth in the country; especially, in Istanbul. Therefore, investors are constantly asking about real estate prices in the city.
  5. Infrastructure: Istanbul has a well-developed and solid infrastructure, which has always been an important factor in encouraging investment and attracting investors from all over the world.
  6. The interdependence between the fields of investment: The interdependence in these fields in Istanbul is represented in agriculture, industry, trade, real estate, and tourism as well. This prompted investors to start multiple projects constantly.

Why You Should Buy a Property in Istanbul?

Istanbul is an attractive center for Arab and European investors and others;' as many investment opportunities in the city can be exploited, which relate to various fields of investments and trade.

Likewise, many investors resort to investing in the industrial field; while others, such as the Arabic investors, prefer to invest in real estate permanently because this market achieves high investment returns for them, the financial benefits from the currency difference, and the low price of the Turkish lira compared to other currencies. These reasons and advantages are formed at a time when the construction sector in Istanbul is experiencing great development in recent years; where it flourished remarkably with very high rates of real estate purchase by many foreign investors.

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