Oct 26, 2023

Unique Real Estate Locations in Türkiye

388 devloper Unique Real Estate Locations in Türkiye

Unique Real Estate Locations in Türkiye

Getting to the best location for real estate in Türkiye is a priority for many investors in the country; especially, with the significant growth in the real estate market. This market contributed to encouraging more investment and foreign investors to enter the labor market. This investment increases at a time when the Turkish government offers a wide range of facilities to investors. That is why, in this article, we will identify the best real estate locations in Türkiye.

The Best Locations for Properties

Perhaps the best property location is the one that can achieve the goals for which the property is purchased. This is in addition to ensuring that the property is located in an area that is witnessing growth at the urban level where basic services are provided impressively. This significantly helps to reach the said goals and achieve considerable investment returns permanently.

Factors Affecting the Property's Value

Many factors affect the property's value, which investors are particularly interested in knowing in order to determine the property's price they want to buy. Here are some of these factors:

  • Natural factors: These factors are related to the surroundings in which the property is present, which directly affects its value.
  • Economic factors: These factors are represented in the property's value against the dollar.
  • Laws and regulations: The value of any property is affected by the laws and regulations related to demolition and construction, as well as the issuance of licenses, the rental price, allocation, and many other factors.
  • Supply and demand: The competition in the market has a direct impact on the property's value and this happens according to the supply and demand in the market.
  • Location: The location in which the property is located, in addition to its area, affects its value; that is why investors are looking for the best location for properties in Türkiye.
  • Return: The value of any property is affected according to the returns that can be collected when renting it.

Tips for Property Investment in Türkiye

When talking about property investment in Türkiye, it is necessary to rely on a set of tips that contribute to obtaining a distinguished investment and achieving high investment returns. Below, we review a set of these tips:

  1. Ownership verification: This is one of the most important points to be wary of when buying a new property in the country. It is necessary to verify who is directly responsible for the property sale and their eligibility.
  2. Verifying that no other owners of this property exist: This is also an important matter to making sure that there is no second buyer for the same property.
  3. Ensuring the property's validity: This is done by visiting the property's site and making sure that it is suitable for use; whether the use is for business or residential purposes, or other purposes for which it was purchased.
  4. Owning a copy of the title deed: The buyer must obtain a title deed for the property. This is done to ensure that the previous owner of the property did not transfer ownership in any way.
  5. Conformity to specifications: It is necessary to ensure that the property's space and information are identical to those written in the title deed (Tapu) to avoid deception and loss.
  6. Ensuring that the property is free of any rights resulting from rent, mortgage, or other rights related to the property.

Risks in Property Investment

Although there are many advantages to property investment in the country, many risks remain permanently present and must be taken into account by those wishing to invest in Türkiye. Among these risks:

  1. Changing market conditions: These conditions are due to a decline in demand and supply, which affects the property's value.
  2. Changing laws: Any change in Turkish government laws may affect the investment future and the property owned by the investor.
  3. Lack of maintenance: Failure to carry out regular maintenance of the property leads to the risk of a decline in its value; therefore, affecting investment returns.
  4. Infrastructure impact: There is an opposite effect that occurs from the deteriorating infrastructure, which results in diminishing the property's shares in the market; thus, maintenance must be taken to choose the best infrastructure for properties.
  5. Urgently selling the property: The property's owner may need to sell his/her property for any emergent reason, which reduces the property's price and the inability to collect the desired returns.


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